Where The Mountains Meet The Sea

Few places in the world can satisfy adventure and eco-tourism oriented activities the way Kaikoura does. Embraced by majestic mountains and a multi-hued ocean, Kaikoura offers a multitude of activities for your visit to the area, magnificent scenery, great restaurants and legendary status within Maori culture.

Whale Watching, Dolphin swimming

Delight in the experience of a "close-at-hand" encounter with Sperm Whales and acrobatic Dusky Dolphins, Blue and Mako Sharks, NZ Fur Seals and more, all in their own natural environment; the magnificent Blue Pacific Ocean.

Eco-friendly Tourism

The Kaikoura District Council is the first local authority in the world, and the second community in the world, to achieve Green Globe certification in recognition of its commitment to protecting its environment and working towards sustainability for its residents and visitors, and for the generations to come.

Kaikoura Food, Restaurants And Wine.

Kaikoura, being an important fishing port, is a delight for seafood lovers with fresh delicacies like groper, cod, mussels, paua (abalone) and of course, crayfish. Oysters, scallops and whitebait are available in season.
Kaikoura is blessed with a great range of bars, restaurants and cafes, offering a feast of different foods, both for informal and informal dining.